About Clarion

Having dreamed of breeding beautiful, elegant Collies throughout my childhood, as an adult I began to turn my dreams into a reality. While being fortunate to achieve success early in my beginnings as a breeder and exhibitor, it was not until 1973 when Clarion made it’s permanent home in Upstate New York, that my plans really came into focus.

While continuing to strive for excellence in my breeding program, I realized that the beautiful images of Collies in these natural settings would help to mold my vision and inspire me to greater heights. Our home is nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and the changing seasons create a wonderful canvas to highlight our collies: the emerald green backdrop of Spring and Summer, the orange and yellow foliage of Fall, and the stark beauty of the Winter snow, watching the Collies bounding through the large paddocks and up the wooded hillside is a sight that inspires the artist in me. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than watching a collie standing on the hill, naturally alert, neck arched, surveying his surroundings with a tremendous sense of self. The image that I have worked to create, my personal interpretation of the Collie Standard, is one that is often referred to as "Unmistakably Clarion". For me it embodies that combination of elegance and balance; a proud dog with a glorious coat, sound structure and the light, clean head with a classic profile and no depth or commonness, and an intelligent and sweet expression.

Pictured below are some of my favorites who exemplify that vision.

Clarion World Class
Int. Ch. Clarion Smoke and Mirrors
Ch. Clarion Ribbon In The Sky
Ch. Clarion Sky On Fire

While beauty is important to me, there is more to a great Collie than just his appearance. Good health and sweet, sensible temperament are fundamental to the Collie. We are proud of the many dogs we have bred who excel in performance events such as agility, obedience, and herding and of the many who have gone on to do fine work in therapy, showing that a true collie can succeed in almost any area, and most of all as a great companion and family dog.

And while I am busy with my planning and my dreams, I have to acknowledge my better half, Larry, who keeps the kennel from falling down around my ears and allows me the freedom to pursue my passion. He is the builder, the kennel man, the mid-wife, and the shoulder to cry on if things should go wrong. Clarion doesn't function without him.



You will find the coffee pot always on for visitors. We invite you to stop and visit and share our view.


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